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​Digital Financing / FinTech 

In an effort to maximize the convenience and profits of financial consumers, With new digital technologies of big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, metaverse, 5G IoT, and cloud By linking the traditional financial system with the open banking system and My Data, It provides an online financial platform that enables profit sharing with consumers and service providers.

Q. In a fast-changing world, how should I prepare for finance?

In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the speed and change at which new technologies are pouring out is much faster than we think. It is important for people to keep up with the pace of change in the future and maximize their ability to create their own new opportunities. ​ H2Group provides non-face-to-face simple authentication and (facial recognition, simple credit inquiry and account opening, microloan) Recommendation of customized financial products (automatic recommendation of the lowest interest rate according to one's credit) and artificial intelligence We provide investment advice in the form of robo-advisors.

Q. Big data, artificial intelligence, cloud, 5G IoT, digital twin
Key Conditions for Future Fintech





*Technology Quotient (TQ) In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, we can see through the flow of technological change and find a way to have viability and competitiveness in a change we have never experienced before. To survive, you have to create or lead the market with excellent ideas. This ability to survive is the skill index.  Emotional Quotient (EQ): Ability to form social relationships  Creativity Quotient (CQ), Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

1. Network metaverse bank

2. Mobile Smart AI Bank

Digital finance (Fintech) development trend

Existing financial data (financial statistics DB) ​(financial program)​

(Big dataization: pre-processing, classification)

Digital finance

(machine learning using artificial intelligence)

(Applying data science)

(data analysis)


(Data Visualization) (Utilization of investment and asset management)

(Data Fileization)

Metaverse Finance

(Digital Twin)


(​Robot  Automation) (Process ​Virtual currency  asset management platform)

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