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Introducing H2 Group Co., Ltd.

Status of H2 Group Co., Ltd.


4th Industrial Era! We will become a stepping stone for the future of Korea!

Company Name

H2 Group Co., Ltd.


Hongsook Shon

Founding date

June 2014


42.35 billion won

Major bussiness

Financial platform development / Financial advisory service / Finance / Investment / Healthcare / Education / R & D


Healthcare & Humanity Foundation  |   Hannol Ventures

A 3130 Alpine Road, #288-128 Portola Valley, CA 94028, USA

T 650-766-171​


A 6th floor, Cheongsong Building, 340 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

T 02-2637-7600/  F 02-2637-7601/  E

Company History



11. Started development of FINTECH & Data Financing business


07. Acquired convertible bonds of JejuBeer Co.,Ltd.(2.6billionwon)


03. Gyeonggi-do Lifelong Education Promotion Agency                                 Yangpyeong Changeup Campus Future Education Project                     Pathway Education Project (total 7 schools/ 1,456 elementary

       and middle school students)


02. Carrion Co., Ltd. Financial investment (700 million won)


01. Operation of instructor training course at Songpa Women's

       Human Resources Development Center, Seoul


11. USA Astor Investment Inc. and business leave

09. Relocated Headquarters - Room 14, 34th floor, 85,              Gwangnaru-ro 56-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

06. Joint participation in the military character education        project of the Ministry of National Defense

04. Participated in Gyeonggi Future Education Yang-                 pyeong Campus consignment project ->Free English           education for the socially caring class / Career                     education

02. Acquisition of The Hoon Minjeongeum Co., Ltd.,

       a specialized education company


12. Seoul Yeongdong Il High School Google Science Fair                               Contest Lecture Operation

10. Maker Madang Coding Class Established - 4th floor,                               1548, Yangjae-daero, Gangdong-gu, Seoul -Operation

       of Seoul Nowon Convergence Education Cooperative                            Yeonmidang instructor training course -Seoul Yeongpa

        Girls' Middle School Maker Fair Competition                                            Participation Lecture Operation -Operation of future 

       career course courses in Sejong Jochiwon Middle School

09. Development and production of future career story

      textbooks -Operation of maker instructor training                                  course at Eastern Women's Estrus Center

08. Incheon Parkmun Girls' High School Maker Lecture -                            Seoul Gangseo/Nowon Women's Human Resources                              Development Center lecturer course operation - SK

      Seoul campus maker instructor training course operation

07. Anyang City Women's Human Resources Development                        Center instructor training course operation -Operation of                    career-interrupted female instructor training course 

       (2nd generation) -Songpa Jinro Vocational Experience                           Center creative and maker education support

06. Osan Women's New Job Center SW Creative  Convergence                   Expert Course Maker Training -Seoul Yeongdeungpo/

       Eunpyeong Women’s Human Resources Development Center             lecturer course operation

03. 4th Young Maker Ilsan Operation Leader Operation


12. Gwanak/Guro/Hwaseong/Dongtan maker club operation


09. United States Worldwide Capital Group, Ltd. business                     partnership


08. Bank of Korea/Shinhan Bank employee reading ability

       upgrade course


06. Seoul Creative Village·Poongnap Camp Creative Coding                Program Planning and Supply Contract


05. H2 Future Talent Education Center officially launched                     the  Future Humanities Reading Academy project group-               Financial investment of Jeju Beer Co., Ltd. (500 million won)


04. Seoul English Village Gwanak Camp Creative, Personality,               Coding  Program Supply Contract 02. Started future Jinro

       content development project with MBC Archive Division


05. Established The Hire Asset Management Company

04. Island Castle Project Consulting

03. Seoul Seongsu-dong Han River Apartment Development


03. Noble Land Sky Park Development Project


12. 'Korea Cognitive Science Industry Association' Junior                    Education Team Operation - Inauguration of a research              group for coaching leaders related to career and core                  competency content development

11. USA Grace Global Management Solutions Inc. business              partnership with - Inauguration of a research group to                revitalize family reading and corporate reading business

10. Signed joint business contract with 'KBS Media Online                Lifelong Education Center' and 'KBS Edubeique'

09. Head office relocation - 162-4 Dangsan-dong 2-ga,                         Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

03. Started Project Financing - 2nd Young Maker Operation               Joint Responsible Leader


10. Signed MOU for Jinro, character education project with the          Federation of Parents


09. Started financial advisory consulting


06. Signed MOU for joint project with Korea Institute for                       Creative and Humanity Education 04. Co-development of             the creative personality instructor course


02. Development and supply of personality exploration

       experience program in history


08. Promotion of establishment of Better Future Research Center,

       tentatively named company affiliated research institute


07. Business office purchase - Cheongsong Building 180, 

      Gwanghui-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu,  Seoul

06. Started Wealth Management consulting business

05. Established CDK Korea Daebu-No.15, 34th floor, 85,                           Gwangnaru-ro 56-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

04. Business alliance with US CDK Investor Group Inc. 03-H2

      Cheongdam Co., Ltd. established - 35-4 Samseong-ro 120-gil,

      Gangnam-gu, Seoul


10. Financial investment in Quintessa (KRW 1.4 billion)

09. Formation of the board of directors for future generation

       education projects

07. Company organization 4 divisions (health care, welfare,

      financial  business, education) 1 researcher confirmed

06. Established H2 Group Co., Ltd. - 3302, 372, Hangang-daero,

      Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Organization / Executive composition

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