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Human Welfare / Wellness (

Paradigm shift to “prevention” and “health care” away

from the existing treatment center ​Expanded to

the concept of wellness rather than health, remote

non-face-to-face robocare service applied with IoT and AI

Marble Surface

Care service Using AI IoT


Changes from Before Covid19 to After Covid19

Global smart healthcare market
from $21 billion in 2014
4.8 times growth to $101.5 billion in 2020

As artificial intelligence technology is applied to the medical field, Creating new services in the healthcare industry (Personalized non-face-to-face medical advice-diagnosis and prescription platform)

Smart healthcare -> Combining IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence (AI), the core ICT technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, with healthcare

Global branding of

korean medical care

-  Promotion of attracting foreign patients

- Expansion of overseas expansion of

  Korean medical care

- Digital healthcare  overseas expansion

ICT convergence base ​Creating

medical services

- Expansion of telemedicine that       can be experienced by the public

- Vitalization of medical                       information exchange

​- Revision of Medical Law

Pharmaceutical & medical

device industry ​fostering

food for the future

- Fostering the pharmaceutical industry such

   as new drug development

- Revitalization of the precision and regenerative

   medicine industry

- Temple of Heaven medical device development  support

Health Beauty field

​Digital technology learning as well

Through a special course

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