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The Better Future Institute

We share the definition of finance

that  H2 Group thinks

The balance of financial information is the future

​Sharing opportunities through creativity and convergence



​Sharing Economy





Creating a job

welfare realization

4th Industry

​Revolutionary Era

The Better Future Institute


Future society designed by technology

New World, New Data Technology

These days, when the influence of technology is strengthening in all areas of society and its subordination is deepening, convergence education programs including artificial intelligence are needed at the pinnacle of technology vs. innovation.

Talented people of the future society must be equipped with critical thinking and judgment through subjective questions.

​ Based on this power, a process of creating a job for oneself and thinking about job identity is required.

H2 presents the future of education

The Better Future Education Institute aims to prepare for the future society of Korea by expanding the problem of educational innovation to the next generation to work consciousness, work ecosystem, and future job thinking, becoming the subject of overall innovation in society.


​Disseminating hope through future education

Based on cognitive science, humanities reading, and future technology education to have convergence thinking based on understanding of future technology and future society.

Through a variety of differentiated future career education programs, we help our youth stand tall on the global stage with fun and practical approaches.

​We will deliver hope to the next generation to realize their dreams by realizing the popularization of creative and innovative character education.

New creative convergence talents

“How should I look to the future and                                                        prepare for it?”


Creative personality content development
​Development of educational contents for schools
​Development of corporate educational contents

4 kinds
​concentration field

As AI tech. is applied to the medical field,
Creating new services in the healthcare industry

Future humanities content development
​research and development of humanities contents for youth


Development of career program for free semester system
​Operation of content programs for elementary school careers


Development of future technology contents
Experience program planning and operation
​(Drone, AI, Robot, VR, Coding, 3D Printer, etc.)

The Better Future Institute

4th industrial revolution era

Pharmaceutical and medical device industry

Developing Country

The Institute for Future Society aims to nurture talents who will lead the future generation by increasing core competencies through convergence education.

We intend to propose policy alternatives and provide advice through R&D in the education sector.

​We will develop into a purely private research institute like in developed countries such as the United States. In particular, we will spare no support for various measures to expand R&D participation opportunities for young people in their 20s and 30s.

The Better Future Institute


WM Field, Digital Science, Humanities

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